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Alerts Summary


hawke.ai was built with the purpose of keeping digital marketers informed of the performance of key metrics compared to monthly goals and with the Alerts Summary feature we make it easier to consume alerts and stay informed of trends in an interactive way.

The alerts displayed on this page are based on the logic that is set within the Alerts tab under Platform Settings, and are the same as the alerts that would be received by email or via Slack (if configured in this manner). Alerts displayed can be filtered by type, by platform, or by trend as well as viewed across specific date ranges.

Alert Cards

The alert cards themselves are very similar to the alerts that have historically been distributed to users by email and Slack. Each alert card generally contains the following (with some variation across types):

  • Informative heading noting the metric, platform, and general trend
  • Iconography and labels associated with the filter elements (platform, type, trend, date generated)
  • Details comparing performance to your goal, the actual month to date, and the expected value for month to date
  • Links to review the alert, which will take you to the hawke.ai feature most closely-related to the type, view the platform reporting page (if applicable), as well as the ability to dismiss the alert (moving it to the Dismissed tab)
  • Informative plot showing the recent trends for that specific metric

Filtering Alert Cards

For those users that receive a high volume of alerts, we now have the ability to filter your alerts in a variety of ways, including:

  • By type – Associated to hawke.ai’s alert features such as Goal Monitoring, Budget Monitoring, Enhanced Budget Monitoring, Landing Page Monitoring, and SEO Rank Monitoring
  • By date – Based on the date when the alert was generated and grouped on the page
  • By platform – View alerts specific to the platform being monitoring, including custom metrics
  • By trend – Whether the alert is related to a positive or negative trend

Dismissing (and Restoring) Alerts

To help users keep their Alerts Summary orderly, we offer the ability to dismiss alerts. This does not completely remove the alert from hawke.ai’s systems, but it does move them to a new Dismissed tab. From this tab, you can review dismissed alerts with the same filters as as on the Alerts tab, view details on the dismissed alerts themselves (including who dismissed it and on what date it was dismissed), and you can even restore that alert back to the primary Alerts tab if it was erroneously dismissed.


Q: How do I configure what alerts generated?
A: Alerts can be configured under Platform Settings –> Alerts. All alerts generated will be pushed to the Alerts Summary page. For more information on alerts and team notifications, please view this resource page.

Q: What happens if I update my alert settings (or goal/budget)? 
A: If you update the thresholds for your alerts, or update a goal/budget that has an alert associated with it, all historical alerts generated will remain under the dates that they were generated. You can dismiss these alerts if you wish to keep your interface clear. All new alerts going forward (most of which are daily), will use the update alert settings, goal, or budget.

Q: Can I prevent the same alert from appearing every day or every week?
A: While you cannot snooze an alert for a period of time, you can reconfigure (and save) your alerts settings by visiting Platform Settings –> Alerts.

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