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Budget Insights (formerly PPC Budget Audit)

What is it?

Our Budget Insights feature gives you time-saving suggestions to improve the performance of your PPC budgeting strategy.

How does it work?

hawke.ai crunches historical data, seasonality, trends, and other key indicators to help you optimize your campaign budgets to get the most conversions possible.

By utilizing your past 7 days of media spend, hawke.ai predicts how to best spend your media dollars for the next 30 days, saving you and your team time and helping you get the most conversions possible.

Suggestions will let you know how much or how little of your budget should go to which campaigns, by following these suggestions, we think that you’ll get the most conversions for your ad spend as possible.


Q: Why does hawke.ai only use 7 days of historical data to forecast the next 30 days?

A: 7 days of historical data typically provides enough trend information and day of the week variance for hawke.ai to accurately forecast the next 30 days.

Q: Why do I see suggestions for some campaigns but not others? 

A: If you do not see suggestions for your ad campaigns there are a few potential reasons to consider, including:

  • hawke.ai has not detected significant improvement opportunities
  • There are not enough active ad campaigns in your Client Account
  • There is not enough variance in the historical media spend


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