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Budget Monitoring

What is Budget Monitoring?

hawke.ai pulls the daily spend from your connected ad platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads and compares the actual spend against your target budget. When we notice that pacing of actual spend is off-track (over or under) what is to be expect, we alert you based on thresholds set within the Platform Settings –> Alerts page. We have two different budget monitoring tools:

  1. Budget Monitoring (standard). Monitor total media spend within individual ad platforms by calendar month.
  2. Enhanced Budget Monitoring (Pro only). Monitor media spend of a group of campaigns, across platforms, over a custom time period.
    Budget Monitoring gives you a break down of all of your media budgets by advertising platform and alerts you to help avoid overspending or underspending.

Budget Monitoring

Overview. Built to protect marketers from platform-specific over and under-spend. With this feature, users set monthly budgets for each connected ad platform, and can then monitor the pacing of each of those platforms. If hawke.ai identifies issues in pacing, users will be notified based on the alerts settings for that account. For more information on customizing your alerts, please refer to this resource page.

Enhanced Budget Monitoring

Overview. Enhanced Budget Monitoring keeps track of a group of campaigns, called a budget group, from one ad platform or a group of campaigns from multiple ad platforms. This gives our users the ability to track multiple sets of campaigns, across different platforms, with a combined media budget over a custom period of time. Just like the standard Budget Monitoring, hawke.ai will alert you to issues and the UI of this feature will show you details on your spend-to-date and give you the ability to inspect (via the ‘>’ button) the budget group to see which campaigns are spending the most of your budget.

Additionally, we provide flexible options to easily edit, duplicate (making it easy to duplicate + adjust dates for the next month), and delete budget groups. You can also easily toggle between past, active, upcoming, and budget groups flagged with issues.

Adding a budget group. Click on the “+ Add Budget Group” button in the top right to open the Add Budget Group drawer. Here you can enter the budget group name, the total budget, select the start and end dates (if selecting a complete calendar month you will have the option to automatically duplicate this budget group for each of the next 18 months), followed by selecting the platforms then campaigns from those platforms. For those with large lists of campaigns within a platform, we offer the ability to select all campaigns in that platform as well as the ability to search (and select all that match the criteria) by campaign name or by label/tag, as set within the ad platform itself.


Q: Can I use both Budget Monitoring and Enhanced Budget Monitoring at the same time?
A: Absolutely, and many of our users do. While standard Budget Monitoring can essentially be duplicated in Enhanced Budget Monitoring by using platform-specific budget groups with all campaigns selected, many users like to monitor platforms in Budget Monitoring, then more complex groups in Enhanced Budget Monitoring.

Q: How can I manage the thresholds for notifications relating to either budget monitoring feature?
A: Alert settings, including thresholds and where to send alerts/notifications, can be found in Platform Settings –> Alerts and Platform Settings –> Team Notifications. For more information on customizing your alerts, please refer to this resource page.

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