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Conversion Settings


Accessible in our Client Account Settings menu, Conversion Settings allows users to select what type of platform-specific metric they would like to have defined as a conversion in Hawke AI. For many of our users, this is a simple process with our informed defaults covering their needs, but we are happy to offer much more flexibility for those with more detailed conversion measurement, especially within Facebook Ads.

Watch the video above for a walkthrough of conversion settings for each platform, or continue reading below.

Universal Analytics & Google Analytics 4

For Google Analytics, you will see a list of goals that you currently have set up in Google Analytics. Simply select the goals (up to 3 maximum) that you would like to have associated with a conversion in Hawke AI. For ecommerce businesses, Hawke AI is already configured to work with transactions and revenue.

conversion settings for google analytics

Google Ads

For Google Ads, Hawke AI will use the conversion settings that you have already set up in Google’s conversion actions menu. You can find this within Google Ads by navigating to Tools and then selecting Conversions under Measurement.

conversion settings for google ads

Facebook Ads

For Facebook Ads, we’re proud to offer users with over 100 different types of conversions, as provided by the Facebook Ads API. We list those most commonly used in the first tab with four options selected by default, but for those that want granular control, check out the All Conversions tab and use the search bar to find exactly what you may be seeking. For those with experience using the Facebook Ads API, we note the named of the metric as used by Facebook.

When selecting your Facebook Ads conversion types, please be aware that double-counting can occur. For instance, “All Offsite Leads Plus All On-Facebook Leads” includes all leads from Facebook lead forms as well as those counted on your website by the Facebook pixel – if you selected “Leads” in addition, this would be double-counting the lead count from your website.

conversion settings for facebook ads

LinkedIn Ads

For LinkedIn Ads, you will see that all conversion types are pre-selected by default. Hawke AI purposefully uses the exact terminology and categorization used within LinkedIn Ads and these boxes can easily be de-selected in order to customize for your needs, although these defaults often cover most use cases with LinkedIn Ads.

conversion settings for linkedin ads

Microsoft Advertising

For Microsoft Advertising, Morphio takes the same approach that we do with Google Ads. Essentially, using the setup that you already have implemented with Microsoft Advertising. You can these settings within Microsoft Advertising by navigating to Tools and then selecting Conversion goals under Conversions.

conversion settings for microsoft advertising

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