Hawke Media acquires Morphio and adds features!

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The Dashboard is the first thing that you’ll see when you go into a client account and is a great high-level view of overall performance.


Dashboard Components

Actions. List of hawke.ai – recommend actions to complete to get the most out of your experience for each individual client account.

Campaign Performance. View the performance of your platforms and campaigns in an easy-to-interpret table that brings in key performance metrics that can be aggregated as user-defined Campaign Groups. For more information, please refer to the Campaign Groups resource page.

Budget Monitoring. Ensure your media spend is on-pace with the budgets you set within our budget monitoring tools. For more information on our budget monitoring features, please refer to the Budget Monitoring resource page.

Customizing Your Dashboard

To help you get the most of the dashboard, we offer a couple of ways to customize:

Selecting Goals. Select up to three goals/metrics that will be displayed on the dashboard for the individual client account. Note that these are unique to each individual client account, meaning that if you have multiple client accounts, these can be customized for each.

Changing order of components. Coming soon!

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