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Goal Monitoring


At Morphio, we are major proponents of the importance of setting digital marketing goals and monitoring progress towards these goals over a given month. With Goal Monitoring, you can select metrics that are important to you, and set monthly goals for each of those metrics. Morphio will then monitor progress towards those goals and, when used in combination with Alerts, notify you when progress is off-track.

Goals play an important role in Morphio including such features as:

  • Dashboard (metrics with associated goals at top of page)
  • Alerts Summary (primary driver of Goal Monitoring alerts)
  • Reporting Summary (tracking progress towards a goal with progress bar at bottom of reporting card)

Navigating Goal Monitoring

At the top of the page you are presented with when the data was last refreshed (this is daily), links to helpful resources, a month selector (goals are set for calendar months), a button to launch the metric selector modal, and a save button (don’t forget to save!) Below that is the ability to filter your goals by platform and current status (such as on/off track), and sort options.

The table is where Goal Monitoring gets exciting! Each column provides valuable information regarding the metric and associated goal, such as:

  • Metric – name and platform of the metric itself
  • Goal Tracker – view progress towards achieving your goal
  • Historical values – data for the previous month as well as the same month last year
  • Goal – value being targeted for the specific metric for the associated month
  • Ellipsis menu – quick access to remove the metric from the Goal Monitoring page


Selecting Metrics & Setting a Goal

Selecting your metrics. It’s easy to add metrics to your Goal Monitoring page – simply on the Select Metrics button at the top and use the metric selector modal to choose which metrics you would like to view.


Setting your goals. To set a goal for the current month for a specific metric, simply enter the value into the field and click save. If adding goals to multiple metrics, you only need to save once you’ve entered all of them.

Note that while goals can be set for the following month, if you modify the the goal value for the current month that will proactively update all subsequent months as well. This is a result of goals automatically being carried forward each month if not updated.

Monitoring Progress

Once you’ve selected your metrics and set your goals, it’s time to sit back and monitor progress towards achieving those goals with our goal tracker.

goal monitoring - goal tracker

The goal tracker will show you how you’re progressing for the current month. If the bar (or circle for %) is orange, you’re behind. If the bar (or circle for %) is green, you’re ahead. Hovering on the goal tracker will show you the current value so far this month (as “Goal to Date”) as well as the expected value at this point of the month (as “Expected to Date”)

While this goal tracker is helpful, Goal Monitoring is most effectively used when paired with Alerts. If a goal is set within Goal Monitoring, and that metric is selected within the alert settings menu, you will receive alerts when that metric is over and/or under performing compared to the thresholds set. For more on Alerts, please review this resource page.

Additional Information

Accessing individual conversions (for Google Analytics and Facebook Ads). As of November 2021, users are now able to select individual goal completions for Google Analytics and individual conversion types for Facebook Ads, which are then available as reporting as goals on the Reporting Summary page, as well as Alerts.

goal monitoring - google analytics facebook

To access these metrics, first ensure that the goal completion (for Google Analytics) and individual conversion types (for Facebook Ads) are selected on the Conversion Settings tab of Client Account Settings. This will

Channel-specific Data (for Google Analytics. As of November 2021, users are now able to access Google Analytics data by channel, as defined in Google Analytics. This is helpful for those users that wish to display Google Analytics data specific to the source of the traffic. To offer even more flexibility, our channel-specific metrics are compatible with custom user-set channels (in Google Analytics).

goal monitoring - custom channels from google analytics

Available Metrics

Google Analytics – Sessions*
Google Analytics – Bounces*
Google Analytics – Bounce Rate*
Google Analytics – Goal Completions*
Google Analytics – Goal Completion Rate*
Google Analytics – Revenue*
Google Analytics – Transactions*
Google Analytics – Transaction Rate*
Google Analytics – Individual Goal Completions*
Google Ads – Media Spend
Google Ads – Impressions
Google Ads – CPM
Google Ads – Ad Clicks
Google Ads – CPC
Google Ads – CTR
Google Ads – Conversions
Google Ads – CPA
Google Ads – Conversion Rate
Facebook Ads – Media Spend
Facebook Ads – Impressions
Facebook Ads – CPM
Facebook Ads – Ad Clicks
Facebook Ads – CPC
Facebook Ads – CTR
Facebook Ads – Conversions
Facebook Ads – CPA
Facebook Ads – Conversion Rate
Facebook Ads – Purchase Value
Facebook Ads – Individual Conversion Types
LinkedIn Ads – Media Spend
LinkedIn Ads – Impressions
LinkedIn Ads – CPM
LinkedIn Ads – Ad Clicks
LinkedIn Ads – CPC
LinkedIn Ads – CTR
LinkedIn Ads – Conversions
LinkedIn Ads – CPA
LinkedIn Ads – Conversion Rate
Microsoft Advertising – Media Spend
Microsoft Advertising – Impressions
Microsoft Advertising – CPM
Microsoft Advertising – Ad Clicks
Microsoft Advertising – CPC
Microsoft Advertising – CTR
Microsoft Advertising – Conversions
Microsoft Advertising – CPA
Microsoft Advertising – Conversion Rate
Shopify – Sales
Shopify – Transactions
Shopify – Avg. Order Value
Google Business Profile – Queries – Direct
Google Business Profile – Queries – Indirect
Google Business Profile – Queries – Chain
Google Business Profile – Views – Google Maps
Google Business Profile – Views – Google Search
Google Business Profile – Actions – Website Clicks
Google Business Profile – Actions – Phone Number Clicks
Google Business Profile – Actions – Driving Direction Clicks
Google Business Profile – Photo Views – Merchant
Google Business Profile – Photo Views – Customers
Google Business Profile – Photos Submitted by Merchant
Google Business Profile – Photos Submitted by Customers
Google Business Profile – Local Post Views – Search
Google Business Profile – Local Post Views – CTA
Google Business Profile – Average Rating (Date Range)
Google Business Profile – Total Reviews (Date Range)
Custom Metrics – Total Media Spend (from all connected ad platforms)
Custom Metrics – Total Impressions (from all connected ad platforms)
Custom Metrics – Total Clicks (from all connected ad platforms)
Custom Metrics – Total Conversions (from all connected ad platforms)
Campaign Group – Media Spend
Campaign Group – Impressions
Campaign Group – CPM
Campaign Group – Ad Clicks
Campaign Group – CPC
Campaign Group – CTR
Campaign Group – Conversions
Campaign Group – CPA
Campaign Group – Conversion Rate

*Google Analytics metrics available by default as either aggregates (total as provided in Google Analytics) or by channel (as defined in Google Analytics).
**Campaign group metrics are available for each campaign group created.


Q: I saved my goals, but Morphio is still saying that no goal is set. What’s happening?
A: Some goals take longer to register and pull in historical data (just a couple of minutes). If your goal tracker isn’t updating, come back to the page (and refresh) in a couple of minutes.

Q: Do I need to set new goals each month?
A: No. By default, Morphio automatically carries forward your current goals for the next month and while these numbers aren’t always what you want, it’s a better experience than having you start with blank goals each month.

The good news is that goals for the next month can be set, but please note that if you set a goal for the next month and then update the goal for the same metric for the current month, that will overwrite all future months as well.

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