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Google Search Console

To use Google Search Console data within Morphio, you will want to ensure that Google Search Console is linked to the Google Analytics property with the view selected that you use within Morphio.

Below is a series of screenshots to help guide you through the process of ensuring an active connection and data flow from Google Search Console into Morphio. For step-by-step instructions on connecting Google Search Console to Google Analytics, check out Google’s official documentation.

Step 1: Confirm that you have an active Google Search Console connection in Google Analytics and that the view you’ll be using in Morphio is selected from the drop-down (it is safe to select multiple views, even if they won’t be used within Morphio).

Your “Search Console Settings” are available under Admin → All Products (under Product Linking under the Property column) → Search Console → Adjust Link

Google Search Console view selection in Google Analytics

Step 2: Confirm that Google Search Console data is flowing into Google Analytics. In Google Analytics, navigate to Acquisition → Search Console → Landing Pages and simply confirm that pages and data are present.

Google Search Console landing page report in Google Analytics

Step 3: Connect Morphio to your Google Search Console property. In Morphio, navigate to Client Account Settings → Integrations → Google Search Console and click “Connect”. This will populate a drop-down that should contain the property used within Google Analytics. Select that property from the drop down and click “Save”.

Google Search Console integration in Morphio

Step 4: Confirm that Morphio is now connected to Google Search Console by navigating to Reporting → Google Search Console. If data is present, you’re all set!

Google Search Console report in Morphio

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