Landing Page Monitoring

What is Landing Page Monitoring?

Hawke AI will monitor all of the landing pages associated with your ads to ensure that they are live and performing as expected. These checks are performed every hour to help bring you piece of mind that you’re not sending paid traffic to a page that is down.

Determining which campaigns are affected can be done by clicking the arrow icon next to the URL. This will bring down a list of all campaigns that contain the URL. This provides an easier way for users to pinpoint the issue and make necessary changes quickly.

Landing Page Monitoring can be found in a Hawke AI account in the left-hand side navigation menu by clicking “Alerts” and then “Landing Page Monitoring”.

Landing Page Monitoring Dismissal?

Crawling webpages to find errors is not an exact science and errors or “false positives” can and do occur. We are constantly improving how we do landing page monitoring but we’ve added a function to be able to “dismiss” landing pages that have incorrectly been flagged for issues.

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