Hawke Media acquires Morphio and adds features!

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Performance Overview


The Performance Overview page gives users the ability to view key information about each of their HawkeAI accounts, as well as add new accounts. Get a quick summary of the health of your media budgets, progress towards achieving goals, as well as see up to eight individual metrics (including custom metrics) for that quick pulse check on performance. With the account highlights view, you will also see further details relating to specific goal or budget concerns, as well as insights. Within the Performance Overview page, you’re able to adjust goals and budgets by clicking on the edit icon.

Continue reading below to learn more about the structure of the Performance Overview, how you can bring your own organization to the list of accounts, as well as how to customize the metrics shown.


Budgets View


Metrics View


  • Favorite star toggle (favorited accounts will appear at top with the ‘Favorites First’ sort option)
  • Account name
  • Account settings menu (via dotted menu) with links to rename, access account settings, or delete the account
  • List of tags applied to account
  • List of platforms integrated to the account.

Media spend tracker:

  • Track monthly progress towards your ad platform budgets and compare to actual media spend. These values relate to our platform-based Budget Monitoring feature.

Media spend metrics:

  • Keep track of current monthly budget for each platform. 
  • Update budget for each platform by clicking on the edit icon.

Key metrics:

  • Keep an eye on up to eight customizable metrics across all of your client accounts.
  • View current goal for each metric and update goal amount without having to go into the settings.

Organizing Accounts

For those users with a large number of accounts (or just a fan of organization), we have implemented a few different ways for you to sort, search, and tag the list of your accounts.

Tagging. New to HawkeAI with this feature, users can now tag their accounts to suit their style of organization. To add tags to an account, simply click on the tag button in the top right of each account section, which will prompt a menu where you can add the name. As tags are added to accounts, you will see them in the top right of each in the Performance Overview. You can click on the tag icon to manage your tags. You can add multiple tags to any account as well.

adding a tag in morphio performance overview

Filtering by Tags. To filter your view based on the tags you have applied, click on the Tag Filter button in the middle of the top menu on the Performance Overview and either search-for or select the tags you would like. Note the top drop-down where you can choose between contains any, contains all, and contains none for filtering based on multiple tags.

filtering by tag in morphio performance overview

Searching. Easily search for the right account (or multiple accounts) by typing the name of the client in the search box. The list of accounts shown below will update as you type.

Sorting. Quickly sort the table by clicking on the column headers.

Customizing the Metrics

By default, Morphio will have pre-selected default metrics to display on your Performance Overview (Total Media Spend, Total Clicks, Total Conversions, and Google Analytics Sessions), but these can be modified to suit your needs. To select the metrics you wish to show (maximum of five), click on the ··· menu in the top right and select “Edit Metrics Displayed”. Here, you can select the metrics you wish to show in your Performance Overview. Note that these metrics are the same across all accounts shown on the page and are not individually customizable


Q: Is there a way to view the Performance Overview as a table?
A: To help facilitate the view of the Performance Overview as a table (often for analysis purposes), we have included a way to export all of the data shown into a comma-separated file (CSV format) which can easily be imported into any spreadsheet program. The export option can be found the ··· menu in the top right.

Q: Can I view different metrics for different client accounts?
A: One of the main purposes of the Performance Overview is to quickly compare performance across multiple accounts and in order to facilitate this, consistency in metrics is key – meaning that the same set of metrics, in the same order, is displayed for each client account. If a metric is not applicable for a specific account, that value will be replaced by “N/A”.

Q: What are some of the use cases for tags?
A: Since tags are fully custom, the way you approach it is totally up to you. We have seen early users tag accounts based on geography, type of tactics, or to suit internal workflows/processes (servicing office, account manager, team, squad, etc.). For those operating in the franchise or multi-location space, tagging is often done based on geography, brand, owner, etc.

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