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SEO Features

What is SEO Rank Monitoring?

SEO Rank Monitoring will review your top 50 keywords and 10 competitors and let you know what your rank is and how you’re trending. To start using SERP Changes, go to Alerts > SEO Rank Monitoring and add in your 50 top keywords using our import tool or you can use Morphio’s keyword suggestions. You’ll also want to add in up to 10 of your competitor’s URL’s in the competitor’s section.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO will review your top 50 organic pages and Morphio will provide an overall SEO score using 15 industry-standard SEO “vitals” such as Page Title, Image Accessibility, Schemas etc. On-page SEO also provides impressions, clicks and average position from Search Console. In order to use SEO Audit, you simply have to integrate Google Analytics (Account Settings > Integrations > Google Analytics).

What are SEO Anomalies?

Keywords and Competitors URL’s are intertwined under the Competitor module. Morphio correlates between a branded competitor that you may perceive as a competitor and a real competitor as it relates to technical website SEO or keyword structure – and vice-versa. Morphio allows you to establish benchmarks against each and to follow their SEO progress and updates. We suggest that you evaluate this correlation weekly to maximize competitor positioning.

How do SEO Anomalies work?

Once you added the main URL under your view, two inputs (Keywords and/or Competitor URL’s) will allow you to track search rankings against competitor changes. To help you determine keywords and competitors, we have suggestion tools that propose related keywords and/or competitor URL’s.

Starting with Keywords and Competitors:

  • To suggest keywords, we scrap the content from your main URL as well as your competitors (if any were added previously), to find the keywords with highest frequency and relation to the context (for example if you are in the fashion business, we try to rank the fashion related terms higher).
  • Concurrently, based on the keywords that you have entered (if any) and also the keywords that Morphio had scraped from your main URL. Morphio then Google’s each and obtains the corresponding search rankings of possible organic competitor URL. Morphio then ranks and aggregates those competitors results to suggest the final competitor candidates.

Starting with Competitors and Keywords:

After a new competitor is added (either manually or from Morphio’s suggestion tool), Morphio scrapes the content of each URL and suggests new keywords based on the new data. Concurrently, Morphio suggests new competitors suggestion list, once you change your keywords list. Once you are satisfied with the progress you have made (keywords and competitors), Morphio will remind you that you need to click “Save Changes” button to re-generate your SEO reports based on the new settings.

Anomaly Cards:

  • Every Monday morning, Morphio re-generates SEO  anomalies if there have been any changes across search ranking, competitors and keywords.
  • Morphio also tracks your competitors (and your main URL) content changes, so in a case that these changes lead to significant changes in the search ranking, Morphio will notify you under competitors anomalies tab.
  • If Morphio finds a match, we also generate suggestions about changing your content in order to increase your overall search ranking. Please note : Multiple SEO anomalies are required before you will receive SEO suggestions.

What can I expect from SEO Anomalies?

Here’s an example of the types of insights you will receive about your key competitors in Morphio under SEO Anomalies :

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