Weekly Summary Report


As digital marketing and agency veterans, we at understand that too many emails and notifications can lead to a state of analysis paralysis – essentially knowing there important things have been flagged, but in such a quantity that action becomes overwhelming often resulting in poor follow-through.

To combat this, we have developed a Weekly Summary Report, which combines selected client accounts into a single email, and is sent out each Monday.

How to Get the Email

To make sure that you’re set up to receive the Weekly Summary Report email, or to adjust the list of client accounts included in it, navigate to “Platform Settings” (found in the top-right corner of the platform), and select the Team Notifications tab.

From here, select the team member, such as yourself, for which you wish to review/modify the settings (administrators can modify any user). That will populate a list of eligible client accounts, where you can select which type of notifications you wish to receive for each – including alerts, and inclusion in your Weekly Summary Report email.

Simply check the relevant boxes and save your settings.

Structure of Weekly Summary Report Email

Your Weekly Summary Report email contains data from the previously-completed week with the date range of data specific in the first line of the email. Within this email you’ll see summary metrics for key features (including a week-over-week comparison) as well as which clients are performing the best (or worst) for each.

The following features are covered in the Weekly Summary Report email, and for more information on each, continue reading below:

  • Goal Progress
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Enhanced Budget Monitoring
  • PPC Budget Audit
  • Insights (Anomalies & Suggestions)

Goal Progress – Get a pulse on how many of your goals (set across selected client accounts) are on track, and how many are currently behind. You’ll also see which clients are currently most ahead on goals, and which is most behind.

Budget Monitoring – Understand the overall health of your platform-level budgets that you have previously set using our Budget Monitoring tool. We’ll show you what percentage of set budgets are currently on track, are currently over-spending, or are currently under-spending. You’ll also see which client accounts are most overspent and most underspent.

Enhanced Budget Monitoring – Know the percentage split of custom budget groups that are currently on track, are currently over-spending, or are currently under-spending. You’ll also see which client accounts are most overspent and most underspent with regards to custom budget groups.

PPC Budget Audit – Quickly see the percentage of campaigns with opportunity for conversion optimization via budget reallocation. You’ll see what percentage of campaigns (from all selected client accounts) have the opportunity to decrease media spend as well as those with opportunity to increase media spend. Like the other components, we’ll also identify which client accounts have the most opportunity for increase and reduction.

weekly summary report email - ppc budget audit

Insights – See how many anomalies and suggestions have been generated across your selected client accounts. Not only will you see the total number of anomalies and suggestions, but you’ll also see a breakdown of the percentage of those that are positive, negative, and neutral. We also note which client accounts have received the most positive and negative anomalies/suggestions to help you take quick action.

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