AI-Powered PPC Budget Audit

Audit your PPC budgets in minutes and save hours

Hawke AI gives you time-saving suggestions to improve the performance of your PPC budgeting strategy.

Updated daily, Hawke AI pulls the media spend from each of your connected advertising platforms to forecast performance and calculate opportunities for improvements.

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Hawke AI reduces manual work and replaces expensive human analysis

Forecasting performance is an identified challenge for every honest marketer.

Hawke’s AI’s  approach to forecasting and performance analysis will bring consistency to your agency while reducing the time your team spends wrangling data.

Hawke AI forecasts your daily media spend, ad clicks and conversions – every day, in minutes – so your team can stop chasing data and debating math models.

Our Prediction Algorithm

Hawke AI’s prediction algorithm crunches media spend data from the past 7 days, at the advertising campaign level, to forecast daily media spend for the next 30 days. 

Hawke AI’s prediction algorithm includes seasonality, impression share when available and historical advertising data.

Our Optimization Algorithm

Hawke AI’s optimization algorithm uses a neural network to assign performance-related weights and bias’ to calculate opportunities for more efficient media spend at the advertising campaign level.

Suggestions for better daily media spend are offered for individual campaigns.

Your Improvement Opportunity

Hawke AI’s optimization algorithm crunches your advertising data and suggests better daily media spends at the individual campaign level.

Your Improvement Opportunity is calculated by totalling all of your individual campaign suggestions.


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