Position your portfolio companies for success in the fast-paced digital landscape

Monitoring digital ad performance for a portfolio of high-growth companies is a unique challenge. Get rapid access to performance on every investment so that you can make smarter business decisions faster.

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Enhanced Reporting & Performance Insights at Scale

Hawke AI was built to help executives and marketers cut straight to the metrics that matter most. See insights across multiple accounts quickly and easily with AI-powered auditing, monitoring and analysis.

Individual Company

Accessible Performance Reporting

Hawke AI organizes essential metrics in an accessible way, giving your stakeholders the clarity they need.

Insights on Marketing ROI

Prioritize Your Workload

Instantly identify under-preforming investments, flag opportunities for improvement, and benchmark across thousands of businesses to transform your portfolio.


An AI-enabled marketing strategist

Simplify due diligence with tools that allow you to see how the market is moving in real-time for a competitive advantage.

Minimize manual errors and time-consuming monitoring with AI that elevates your marketing strategy.


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