Precision Mastered: Spotlight on Pivotal Metrics

Hawke AI’s Summary & Reporting features allow for a 5,000 foot view of all your key performance indicators. Track budgets, follow core metrics, ensure that you stay on pace with both. Then, drill down, build highly customized reports to showcase the metrics that matter most.

Make Monitoring & Reporting Easy

With the increasing diversification of digital media it is becoming ever more important to keep a close eye on performance across a lot of different platforms and campaigns. Whether you’re part of an in-house team or part of an agency with a large book of clients, it is crucial that there is some way to track that everything is on track with spend and KPIs, and that it can be done quickly.

Hawke AI’s summary and reporting features allow for just that. Watch budget and KPI performance across a huge book of clients to ensure you’re on top of every issue or utilize the reporting feature to build precise customized reports – leverage custom metric features that allow you to create CAC, LTV and just about any other metric you can think of.

Plus with our AI-powered report builder you can set up templates that create presentation reports sent direct to your email. Just let the builder know what graphs, data, and insights you’d like to see and it’ll create a complete report for you which you can send on to stakeholders or refine in Sheets / PowerPoint.

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