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Lift Digital Performance With Analysis and Optimization

Hawke AI has a suite of tools dedicated to getting you a better understanding of your performance and the ways to improve it. Get deeper context by comparing your performance against industry benchmarks, migrate budget to maximize results, and consult ChatGPT in order to get clear insights.

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Insights Power Performance

Digital marketing optimization is getting harder. With each update more and more of the functions disappear into the black box of the platform’s algorithms and the intense competition means arriving ever earlier at the point of diminishing returns. 

Top digital marketers know that to push past those plateaus you need greater and deeper insights in order to laser focus your optimizations.

Hawke AI’s Insights suite includes a ton of features designed to give you a deeper level of understanding as to your performance so you know where to focus your attention. It is all powered by benchmark data – over 5,000 different companies have their data integrated across 157 categories. With this insight you can track your performance against those in your industry, migrate budgets to maximize results, and even consult ChatGPT to identify new opportunities.

Enhanced Budget Monitoring Features

  1. Custom Alerts
  2. Trend Data
  3. Email & Slack

Custom Alerts

Set up your custom alerts profile

Trend Data

Review alerts alongside trend data

Email & Slack

Send alerts to your inbox or Slack

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