Hawke Media acquires Morphio and adds features!

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Receive customized performance alerts

Hawke AI Alerts: An Insurance Policy For Your Digital Marketing

A second pair of eyes on your accounts, an engine warning light, Hawke AI's alert system gets called a lot of things, but it’s all about: protection. Managing multiple clients and/or big budget across multiple platforms and campaigns leaves a lot of room for risk.

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Customize Your
Digital Marketing Alert Profile

Cut out those vulnerabilities by having Hawke AI send you notifications at the first signs of trouble.

Once you’ve integrated your ad platforms you are able to take advantage of Hawke AI’s alert system. Via settings you are able to complete a custom alert profile per client to select which goals, which budgets, what thresholds need to be broken, and how frequently you want to be notified.

The alerts will populate in the platform itself, but you can also have them sent to your email or via Slack, to ensure that you don’t miss anything. Catch negative trends before they become negative results and de-risk your digital marketing.

Enhanced Budget Monitoring Features

  1. Custom Alerts
  2. Trend Data
  3. Email & Slack

Custom Alerts

Set up your custom alerts profile

Trend Data

Review alerts alongside trend data

Email & Slack

Send alerts to your inbox or Slack

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