Protect your digital ads

Receive customized performance alerts

  • Monitor when campaigns go over or under budget
  • Catch landing page 404s right away
  • Find out about negative trends before they impact results
  • Get notified if campaigns turn off

Protect against overspend

Monitor digital ad budgets and pacing

  • Set monthly budget limits per platform and
  • Track spend against expected spend.
  • Create custom cross-platform budgets.

Review ad performance efficiently

Analyze cross-platform results from one dashboard

  • Pull data from all your ad platform into one simple view
  • Create logical clusters of campaigns across multiple platforms
  • Build funnel based groups to monitor different performance metrics

Maximize return on investment

Audit & reallocate budget for best return

  • Evaluate campaigns across all ad platforms with media spend
  • Make reinvestment recommendations based on performance
  • Project potential improvement in conversion volume & CPA
  • Get precise budget adjustments amounts

Cut-down on investigation time

Use AI-powered anomalies to optimize efficiently

  • Automated, integrate platforms and anomalies will start populating
  • Spend less time investigating in ad-platforms
  • Monitor a full suite of digital performance metrics
  • Review positive anomalies to see where campaigns have improved

Report on performance

Customize conversions & reporting

  • Share white-label reports
  • Separate multiple conversion types from Analytics.
  • Identify the Google Ads conversion actions you want to count.
  • Custom Facebook conversions & attribution settings

Evaluate industry performance

Compare your performance against industry benchmarks

  • Plot your data against benchmarks 
  • Review blended averages or by platform
  • Pick from core KPIs
  • Adjusted to reflect lead-gen or ecommerce


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