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Hawke AI x ChatGPT-4: How to get access


As some of you may have seen recently, Hawke AI now integrates with ChatGPT-4. A function on the dashboard of a client account, the ChatGPT-4 dialog box allows users to ask questions about the data set on screen. That can be as simple as summarizing what’s there in order to take the donkey work out of reporting – or more interesting prompts designed to glean insights and power optimizations. The possibilities are endless.

Limited Access

At the moment, access to the Hawke AI version is limited to those users who have a subscription at the current pricing model. If you have a discounted fee or a fee that has been grandfathered from an earlier version of the tool, you will not have access to ChatGPT-4.


Quite simply: cost. There is a hard cost to running ChatGPT-4 inquiries and previous pricing models simply didn’t factor that in. While we want to make as many features available to users as possible, we can’t do it if it means we’ll be making a loss.

So how can I get access?

Well that’s the good news, you can still get access, it’ll just mean needing to update your subscription to our current pricing model. Reach out to us via the chat in app to ask how to do that, we’d be happy to help!

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