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17-Year Marketing Veteran Talks Marketing Trends, Mistakes, And More

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Eric Vardon
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In today’s customer chat episode, I spoke with Mike Grinberg, a 17-year digital marketing veteran and co-founder of Proofpoint Marketing. His digital agency helps B2B companies drive profitable leads and growth through strategy, content, and media services.

Our discussion gets into how Mike started his agency, the future of digital marketing, what most companies are doing wrong, and why analytics and automation are crucial for success. You can also look forward to learning about:

  • Why ‘niching down’ on specific services or verticals can be lucrative.
  • How the current economic condition has effected Proofpoint Marketing and how its adjusted.
  • The best tool stack for digital agencies.
  • And more!

How Mike Grinberg grew his digital agency

Mike studied graphic design while in college and later realized his passion was in digital marketing when he worked for an agency. After also working in an energy startup, he and his wife Gaby rapidly launched their own agency Proofpoint Marketing.

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Where digital marketing is going

In the past, you had to do everything yourself. There was a technological limitation. Mike comments on the massive spurt in automation, artificial intelligence, and tools that are no longer just used by Fortune 500 companies, but available to every digital agency.

Additionally, the current economic climate has given many businesses a reality check. Mike believes they must streamline their digital strategy as it’s the only way to reach customers in the foreseeable future. 

Secondly, it’s making organizations realize that their budgets and spending need to be tightened up. Mike also commented that the mountains of data we have need to be organized and user more intelligently.

Outside of automation, Mike proposes organic LinkedIn remains a staple way to generate top of the funnel traffic, especially through video and engagement. As he also commented in our chat, engaging with other’s content to grow your own reach through LinkedIn’s algorithm is critical for success on the platform.

In the near future, Mike will launch his own podcast interviewing spouses who run agencies and businesses together.

How Mike discovered Morphio

Mike originally came across Morphio from the Jason Swenk podcast I did. The episode resonated so much with him that he instantly signed up. Mike’s zero touchpoint experience is very satisfying as we strive to make Morphio as easy to use, quick to adopt and benefit from as possible.

Furthermore, Mike loved the fact that Morphio features budget forecasts that save his agency hours of work from using manual spreadsheets to achieve the same outcome. Experience those benefits and try Morphio today for free.

Eric Vardon Profile image

Eric Vardon

CEO, Co-Founder @ Morphio

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