Analyze cross-platform results from one dashboard

An efficient single view for all your digital marketing campaigns

Running multiple campaigns across multiple platforms and for multiple brands is a challenge nearly every digital marketer faces. How to efficiently capture performance metrics for analysis without needing to trawl through every ad platform.

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Work more efficiently and jump straight to the insights

Hawke AI’s dashboard view is automatically populated as soon as you complete your integrations and will allow you to navigate through top level analysis across platforms, campaigns, and even set up campaign groups.

Amalgamating your digital marketing data into a single view allows for lightning fast assessment of the overall health of your digital marketing ecosystem. The campaign groups feature takes this further by allowing you to group campaigns, cross-platform, into logical clusters: region, funnel position, whatever makes sense.

Beyond the single-view of data, Hawke AI will also identify where its AI has detected performance anomalies alongside each campaign or campaign group, allowing you to quickly navigate to where problem metrics might be and identify solutions.

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