Hawke Media acquires Morphio and adds features!

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Working Scenarios HawkeAI

HawkeAI is designed to fit into any kind of digital marketing workflow, no matter if you’re solo or part of a team. Use these guides to identify roles, responsibilities, and scenarios and pick out the pieces that work with your processes.

Step One: Determine which use case best aligns with your needs

Step Two: Review & assign roles and responsibilities

Step Three: Review the scenarios and adopt the ones best suited to your workflow

Finish: Roll-out HawkeAI as an integrated part of your process

What's your use case?

Matching the tool to your needs

No two organizations operate in the same way – so why accept a tool that insists on a very specific workflow? HawkeAI has a broad feature set that allows you to identify the pieces you need to fill the gaps in your processes. Review some examples of use cases to help you decide where the tool fits for you.

Roles & Responsibilities

Understanding who does what and when

A big part of onboarding any new tool is understanding who has responsibility for what. That is especially true for HawkeAI where you could be using the tool for any combination of oversight, budget control, insight gathering, or reporting. Our roles & responsibilities breakdown user types to make it easier to assign specific roles within your organization.

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