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Scenarios: Overseeing Activities

Monitor accounts from 5000 feet and easily keep tabs on performance

In-house team leads, agency managers, or just someone looking to quickly check in - using HawkeAI to oversee activities is efficient and straight-forward. It allows you grasp key performance indicators for all your accounts quickly.

Overseeing Activities

Check budgets are on-track

Ensure campaigns are hitting targets

Quickly identify issues & flag with team members


Getting to grips with the overview

Overseeing activities across accounts and across multiple ad platforms is made simple with the Performance Overview page. From here you’ll be able to quickly identify performance or budget issues, that might have otherwise been siloed, so you can act quickly.

When it comes to using HawkeAI for general oversight, the Performance Overview page is going to be your best friend. The deconstruction of siloes and the general oversight view was, in many ways, the original use case for HawkeAI. As teams get bigger and accounts become more complicated the harder it is for those who aren’t in the ad platforms all day to stay informed and help drive performance.

Your ability to conduct efficient oversight of accounts’ performance will only ever be as good as your set up, so it is crucial to ensure that you (or whomever is responsible) is thorough in the onboarding and the maintenance of up to date targets. Ensure all ad platforms are integrated. Ensure you have the right KPIs selected on the metrics view. And above all, ensure that you’re going through and setting a target budget and setting a target goal so that the platform can track against them.

If you’ve been thorough in your setup, then congratulations, you’re already 90% of the way there. The day-to-day of the oversight use case couldn’t be simpler. Once a day, login to your HawkeAI dashboard, and from the Performance Overview, check to ensure that you budgets are on trend with your expected spend. Then flip over to the metrics toggle and ensure your KPIs are on trend with your expected results.

The key to overseeing is consistency. Throw a reminder in your calendar first thing and partner it with your first coffee of the day. Staying close to the trend line of your budgets and goals will allow you to quickly identify where you and your team’s attention needs to be focused and ensure nothing gets missed.

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