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Scenarios: Discovering Insights

Get a deeper understanding of your performance

Use HawkeAI to discover unique holistic insights about your performance across your ad platforms. Understand your performance in relation to your industry and pick out trends that might be impacting your results or identify opportunities.

Discovering Insights

Compare performance against benchmarks

Review forecasted results

Identify where trends indicate budget can be best spent


Getting to grips with the overview

Moving beyond monitoring, discovering insights within HawkeAI is designed to give you a deeper level of understanding of your data and performance to help drive optimizations and improve results.

For those folks who are working in the ad platforms day-in-day-out, HawkeAI’s insights are there to provide greater context to your performance and help spotlight opportunities to improve results. Because the platform works primarily by consolidating data, the insights you’ll get from HawkeAI are unique to the one’s the ad platforms might make, as HawkeAI has the context of your broader spend across platforms and an understanding of how your results compare to others in your category.

There are a number of features available that can give different insights – and the reality is you’ll likely come to use whatever combination of them works best for you. Generally speaking the insights are focused on one of three modes of analysis: benchmarking, comparing your data against others in your industry; forecasting, intelligent projection of your future results based on a number of indicators; and anomalies, identifying trends or data that sit outside of an expected range.


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