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Scenarios: Onboarding

Effortlessly onboard your organization

Adopting any new tool can come with challenges. We understand that those early days are crucial in order to get wider adoption and buy-in. We can take the time with you to get the onboarding right.


Inputting Data

Matching Your Workflow

Identify roles & responsibilities


Getting the set up right

Taking the time to understand to fully understand how the tool will sit as part of your broader workflow is key to onboarding.

When it comes to working with new tools, we’ve all experienced a good roll-out and a bad roll-out. What’s more, the ultimate success of the tool is really dictated in those early stages – get the first few interactions right, and you’ll see full adoption. Get them wrong, and it’ll be a struggle to keep people engaged with the tool.

HawkeAI is no exception. It pulls together data from multiple platforms and tracks performance against goals and budgets. Each of those things requires setup – and if you’re working across a large book of accounts, then the effort increases further. Fortunately we have had a lot of practice at successfully onboarding the tool with organizations, so we know what is required to make it a success:

1. Populating the platform

The first thing is to determine how to best approach populating the platform. The initial setup can be separated into a few stages: creation of accounts, integration of ad platforms, inputting budgets and goals, and setting up alerts. Once those pieces are all in place, you are good to go. It does, however, take some time. So ensure that you’re prepared to go through and populate the platform fully – half complete won’t get you the full benefit. The good news is, all of the activities can be achieved from the Performance Overview. If that task is still huge because you’ll be uploading 50 odd accounts then consider reaching out to the team to ask about bulk uploading options.

2. Identify your use case

The feature set of HawkeAI is pretty broad and can assist with a large number of functions across a digital marketing team. Of course, not every team is going to require every function – so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to using the tool. Having a very clear idea of the problems HawkeAI is helping to solve will make it easier to identify which features you actually need. If you’re just looking to control budgets then you’ll know to ensure your budget targets are filled out, to implement strict settings on budget alerts, and that you can restrict usage to daily check-ins on the performance overview. If you’re using the tool to identify insights for reports then you’ll dig a little deeper into benchmarks and forecasts.

3. Pick out roles

Once you’ve identified the specific nuances of your use case, it is time to divvy up the roles and responsibilities. When you’re working as part of a broader team it is generally more effective to spread these roles out so there is distinct ownership. One person responsible for ensuring budgets are in place and on track, one responsible for KPI trends, and one identifying key insights for optimization. As usage increases the boundaries may blur a little, and that’s fine. But initially you want to ensure that went people log in they have a specific idea of what it is they’re looking for.

4. Take your time

If you’re hoping for adoption across quite a large team it is best to take it slow. When you get to step 3 consider using a more select group of users to start with. Let them know what problems the tool is trying to solve and the separation of duties between them. Getting adoption with a smaller team is much easier as a first step so you can be trialling processes and making amendments based on usage with a flexible and involved core group. Once you’re all convinced that you’ve identified the best way to integrate the tool into your workflow you can then use those same team members to help roll-out and encourage adoption across a broader team.

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