Scenarios: Stand ups & Teamwork

Review and delegate as a team

A dashboard of all your accounts and consolidated data, HawkeAI can act as the perfect centralized platform for team performance review and prioritization of tasks.

Stand ups & Teamwork

Ideate as a team to solve problems

Customize the dashboard to meet your team's requirements

Closely monitor budgets and eliminate overspend


Gather around the dashboard

If you conduct daily stand ups to check in on progress and monitor account health, consider utilizing HawkeAI to check across your book of accounts and problem solve collaboratively.

Stand ups are a pretty ubiquitous part of digital marketing teams. A quick review, often first thing, of everyone’s progress, outstanding tasks, blockers and requirements – it is a crucial requirement in socializing issues and successes in a job that can otherwise be quite siloed. HawkeAI’s Performance Overview acts as a perfect dashboard for quickly reviewing the performance of your team, identifying issues, and using the meeting to collaboratively find solutions.

One of the first things you’ll need to put in place is filters. Creating tags for each of your team members and then attaching them to each account they work on will allow you to quickly narrow down your list to those being monitored by individual marketers as you move around the table. Flipping between the budget tab and metrics tab will give an oversight to the overall health of the account (plus it will provide a handy check in to ensure targets are in place). Where an issue is discovered you can use that time to dig in by reviewing some of the insights HawkeAI might have for that account or delegate the task for after the meeting has wrapped up.

By ensuring there is a collaboratively working moment each day it breaks marketers out of siloes, keeps people honest about any issues that might be arising, and allows the team to find solutions and lift overall performance.


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