Hawke Media acquires Morphio and adds features!

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Use Case: Brand

The alerts are now a significant part of the team's workflow.

Learn how Garaga, a garage door manufacturer with local dealers across North America, onboarded Hawke AI to enhance their marketing performance.

Michelle Fortin

SEM & Social Team Lead, Garaga

Creating operational efficiencies

Simple data analysis

Monitoring campaigns & budgets

Top 3 reasons I use Hawke AI…

  • 01. Time-saving
  • 02. Peace of mind
  • 03. Customer service

“Hawke AI has been a great addition to our tech stack. The software design allows us to leverage artificial intelligence to spot trends, identify anomalies, and analyze performance. The platform adds insights to the way we operate instead of replacing existing processes.”

Top 3 features you use in Hawke AI and why?

Goal Monitoring

The goal monitoring feature allows us to set individual goals for each dealer that suit their particular situation and market while including growth. Then our team can go to the Goal Monitoring tab to monitor if they are on track and optimize accordingly.

Enhanced Budget Monitoring

Allows us to monitor each dealer’s budget within atypical time frames


This allows us to automatically add optimizations and verifications into our workflow based on the previous two features.

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