Hawke AI allows digital marketers to quickly visualize metrics that matter

Adopting a tool dedicated to cutting down data investigation time helps SaaSHero realize efficiencies in their digital marketing team.

Supporting reporting needs
Tracking media spend
Performance insights with forecasting

Favorite Features

Budget monitoring
Nothing pisses a client off more than under or overspending. If you underspent, they feel cheated from what could have been. If you overspent, then someone is losing either budget or money from their own pocket (both have happened to us pre-Hawke AI).

Landing page monitoring
Sending paid traffic to a broken LP is campaign death, especially if you overlook it for a considerable period of time and/or have a high volume campaign that spends a lot.

Reporting summary
Client reporting and account review is critical for establishing and maintaining solid client relationships. Having a sleek-looking dashboard to present during client calls (in addition to our other reports) is helpful and gives us a level of sophistication in the eyes of the client.


What brands think about Hawke AI's capabilities


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