Use case: Digital Marketing Leader

Advertising across multiple platforms requires close budget tracking

Adoption & success across a greater number of ad platforms meant Design Pickle needed a way of staying on top of spend

Digital Marketing Leader
Design Pickle

Closely monitoring spend

Migrating budgets to optimize performance

Budget Alerts

Top 3 reasons I use Hawke AI…

  • 01. Keeping track of spend
  • 02. Minimizing investment in poor performance
  • 03. Finding issues early

Favourite Features

  • Budget Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Unlimited Users

“The emergence of new ad platforms to shake up the typical Google / Meta dominated media plans and it’s been particularly successful for us. Of course, spreading spend across a greater number of platforms has brought new challenges. Hawke AI helps us keep a close eye on spend and ensure we’re maximizing opportunities and minimizing risk.”


Top 3 features you use in Hawke AI and why?

Budget Monitoring

This has been the solution to our key problem, a tool that allows us to easily keep track of our spend across all our platforms and tells us if we’re on track. It’s allowed us to step on the gas or step on the brakes early whenever we need to.


The beauty about setting up budget monitoring is that it allowed us to create alerts which meant that we didn’t even need to be checking in on-platform. Whenever spend was trending in a direction that needed our attention Hawke AI would let us know.

Unlimited Users

We’re a small team and we’re a busy team, having our derisking alerts set up was useful, but so too was the option to have those alerts go out to a number of people to ensure that at least one person could catch it and ensure action was taken.

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