We use Hawke AI for the constant monitoring of the advertising actions of our clients

Knowing Hawke AI was always monitoring their data helped Klawter feel confident about media spend controls and up-to-date results.

The sum of impressions results, clicks in the Reporting Summary
Budget control in campaigns
Alerts of campaign anomalies or budget spending

Favorite Features

Hawke AI provides us with a connection between the campaigns carried out on different platforms, and to be able to merge data from Google Ads, Linkedin and Facebook in the same dashboard, optimizing time.

Sharable Reports
Being able to share a dashboard with the client in real time allows us to have an updated and fluid communication with the client, being able to access the results of the panel 24/7 and without having to wait for the report at the end of or for it to end. the bell.

Reporting Summary
Hawke AI helps us to compare results with previous months in a clear way and often without the need to do the calculations manually, since it is capable of establishing objectives based on the latest results obtained in those campaigns.


What brands think about Hawke AI's capabilities


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