Use Case: Director of Growth Marketing

The alerts and insights are now a significant part of the team's workflow.

Haley Holm-Pedersen

Director of Growth Marketing

Get industry trends

Evaluate strategy

Monitoring campaigns & budgets

Top 3 reasons I use Hawke AI…

  • 01. Reassurance
  • 02. Validating our strategy
  • 03. Inexpensive, time-saving support

Favourite Features

“I started using Hawke AI a few months ago after taking our paid search management in-house. As a startup working with a small team, using AI to help us monitor performance is a no-brainer. I lean on Hawke AI reports via email for budget tracking, and regularly log in to the platform to check our dashboard. Coming from the brand side, we don’t have access to industry data that an agency might have. For that reason, benchmarking our performance against industry trends has been a huge benefit of Hawke AI. If our CPA is trending up, for example, I can check to see if the industry is seeing similar trends. This is hugely valuable for a company like ours.”

Top 3 features you use in Hawke AI and why?

Dashboard (with benchmarks)

I use the dashboard frequently to get a feel for trends at a glance. Being able to add benchmarking from similar industries is a huge help!

Budget Monitoring

Budget monitoring is a great tool since I am adjusting my budgets at a campaign level frequently. It’s easy to get wrapped up in daily, campaign level budgets and lose sight of how that’s affecting our overall, monthly spend. Budget monitoring helps me keep this in line.


I check our Anomalies in Insights to monitor highlights and lowlights for our accounts. As a one-person growth marketing team, it’s great to have a second set of “eyes” on everything to make sure I’m not missing important trends.

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