Consolidated marketing data makes it easier to track cross-platform performance

Centralized data and understanding anomalous performance allowed HUM Nutrition to stay informed and react quicker

Performance Transparency
Anomaly Tracking
Monitoring Marketing Ecosystem

Favorite Features

Platform Reports
Jumping between multiple ad platforms and navigating separate UIs was inefficient. Being able to quickly shift between each of my ad platforms, see results, and identify opportunities puts more time in my day.

Expected Range
To understand data you need context, applying the expected range and seeing where our marketing was underperforming (or exceeding expectations) helps to quickly pick out where to direct the team’s attention.

Summary Report
A report that has a simple clean interface and puts the important metrics upfront and center. Also, by creating custom metrics I was able to build out my specific KPIs that helps with my check-ins as well as sharing out performance with stakeholders.


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