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hawke.ai offers a variety of integrations for cross-channel digital marketers to gain valuable insights, receive meaningful notifications, and report on performance. Whether you plan on using one or many, all of our integrations are easy to set up.

In September 2021, we added the ability to connect multiple accounts from the same advertising or analytics platform, which will then be aggregated throughout Morphio. Continue reading below for more information on this exciting addition.

Integrating Platforms & Adding Connections

Connecting platforms to hawke.ai is easy and while it can be done during initial setup, you can easily access the Integrations menu at any time in the bottom left-hand navigation menu under Client Account SettingsIntegrations.

Platforms with active connections will be listed at the top with those permitting multiple connections presenting a ‘+’ icon, which can be used to add additional connections. For platforms that are not currently connected, you will find them available towards the bottom of the page under ‘Available Connections’.

Multiple Connections from One Platform

To accommodate some more advanced platform setups we do not limit the number of connections from ad platforms or Google Analytics to an individual account in hawke.ai.

For instance, if you are using separate Google Analytics views for your website and landing pages you can connect both of those views to a single hawke.ai account. Similarly, if you have different Facebook Ads accounts for each of your locations or business objectives, you can connect each of those ad accounts to a single Morphio account.

Morphio Integrations - Multiple Accounts

There is no additional configuration needed to connect multiple ad or Google Analytics accounts, simply make the first connection, then click on the ‘+’ icon to add additional connections for that platform. Morphio will automatically aggregate all data for use within the platform.

Please note that we do require that all connected accounts within a single ad platform are the same currency. This is to ensure that aggregate data is combined in a mathematically-appropriate manner.

Managing Integrations

Adding connections. Click on the ‘+’ icon to add another connection to the integrated platform.

Clearing cached data. Click on the circular arrow button to clear any data that hawke.ai has cached for that platform. While hawke.ai uses live API connections to pull data, we will sometimes cache aggregate data in order to improve the user experience. If you find that you’re running into any data matching issues, we encourage users to clear the cache for the impacted platforms.

Removing all connections. Click on the trash can to remove ALL connections from that integrated platform.

Edit connection. Click on the ‘⋯’ beside the specific connection and click on ‘Edit Connection’ to modify the original connection settings.

Remove individual connections. Click on the ‘⋯’ beside the specific connection and click on Remove Connection’ to remove that specific connection.

Available Integrations

Universal Analytics  & Google Analytics 4 – Multiple connections permitted

While no longer a required connection, connecting either Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4 to your hawke.ai account is recommended. Some features such as On-site SEO Audit and Audience Segments rely on data from Universal  Analytics to function.

Google Ads – Multiple connections permitted

Connect your Google Ads account to hawke.ai and see your search, display, and video campaigns in one place.

Morphio Integrations - Google Ads

Facebook Ads – Multiple connections permitted

Connect your Facebook Ads account to collect campaign performance data in the hawke.ai platform. Please note that this integration includes Instagram.

Morphio Integrations - Facebook Ads

TikTok Ads – Multiple connections permitted

Connect your TikTok Ads account to collect campaign performance data in the hawke.ai platform. Please note that you are required to be already logged in to TikTok Ads Manager before attempting to integrate with hawke.ai

Pinterest Ads – Multiple connections permitted

Connect your Pinterest Ads account to collect campaign performance data in the hawke.ai platform.

Microsoft Advertising – Multiple connections permitted

Connect your Microsoft Advertising account and view search campaign metrics in hawke.ai.

Morphio Integrations - Microsoft Advertising

LinkedIn Ads – Multiple connections permitted

Connect your LinkedIn Ads account to collect campaign performance data in the hawke.ai platform.

Morphio Integrations - LinkedIn Ads

Google Business Profile

Connect your Google Business Profile account to collect location performance data in the hawke.ai platform.
Google Business Profile integration


Connect your Shopify account and get key metrics such as average order value, revenue and more.

Morphio Integrations - Shopify

Google Search Console

Connect Google Search Console in order to see reporting data such as impressions, clicks, CTR and average position for your most popular organic pages. For more information, click here.

Morphio Integrations - Google Search Console


Connect Slack with hawke.ai and receive alerts in your own channels. For more on this integration, please see our resource guide article on how to connect Slack to hawke.ai.

Morphio Integrations - Slack


Q: Which integrations are required in order to use hawke.ai?
A: We no longer require that any individual platform be integrated with hawke.ai. There are some features that do have integration requirements, but the majority of the hawke.ai platform is agnostic to the platforms connected.

Q: How does hawke.ai manage differing currencies between platforms?
A: hawke.ai does allow for platforms with inconsistent currencies to be connected, but with a few caveats. First, all connections for a single platform need to be the same currency (e.g. all Facebook Ads connections for a client account need to be the same currency). Second, our PPC Budget Audit feature requires all platforms to be using the same currency, in order to provide meaningful budget recommendations. Finally, budget groups in our Enhanced Budget Monitoring feature need to have the same currency.

We are currently exploring ways to allow for users to define general conversion rates (when there’s a mismatch), but we do not currently have a timeline for this addition to the platform.

Q: For Google Business Profile, why aren’t all of the locations showing up on the reporting page?
A: Locations that are not currently verified within Google My Business are selectable at the point of integration, however, these locations will not show in the table on the platform report page.

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