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Shopify Integration

Integrating Morphio with Shopify is a little different than our other integrations with other platforms. We’ve created a step by step guide in order to walk you through your Shopify integration but if you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for help at support@morphio.ai

Integration Steps:

Step 1:

To connect your Shopify shop to a Morphio account, log in to your Shopify shop’s admin page. Then, on the left menu, click on the “Apps”. On the bottom of this page click on “Develop apps for your store”.

Shopify integration - step 1

Step 2

Click on the “Create an app” button on the top right side of the page to launch the creation modal, enter an app name (defined by you, but you may just want to enter “Morphio”), and click on the “Create app”.

Shopify integration - step 2

Step 3

From the settings page of the app you just created, click on the “API credentials” tab, then click on the “Configure Admin API scopes” button under “Access tokens”. From the list of scopes, please select the following three scopes and save:

  • read_analytics
  • read_orders
  • read_products 

Shopify integration - step 3

Step 4

From the “API credentials tab” click on the “Install app” button un “Access tokens”.

Shopify integration - step 4

Step 5

Copy the “Admin API access token” from Shopify and paste it into Morphio’s integration modal in the “API Password” field.

Shopify integration - step 5

Step 6

From the “API credentials tab” copy the “API key” and paste it into Morphio’s integration modal in the “API Key” field.

Shopify integration - step 6

Step 7

In the Shopify integration modal, add your Shopify shop name (e.g. if your Shopify shop URL is “https://my-shopify-shop.myshopify.com/”, then “my-shopify-shop” is your shop name.)

Shopify integration - step 7

Congratulations! Your Shopify integration should be all set up now. If you have any issues, please contact us directly at support@morphio.ai


Enabling Custom App Development

During integration, if you get the error message: “The store owner hasn’t allowed custom app development” follow the below resource guide from Shopify:


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