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What HawkeAI Does

Alerts & Monitoring
Performance Alerts
Have Hawke AI alert you at the first sign of trouble among your KPIs across all your ad platforms
Goal Monitoring
Customize your list of key metrics and input targets in order to be able dynamically track performance
Budget Monitoring
Let Hawke AI keep a close eye on budgets to let you know when you're at risk of overspend and underspend across your digital campaigns
Landing Page Monitoring
Detect and be notified of access issues on all destination URLs from connected ad platforms
Detect and be notified of unexpected behavior and data trends on your website and connected ad platforms using our advanced machine learning algorithms
Budget Insights
Identify where there are opportunities to migrate budget between campaigns and maximize returns from high performers
Data Benchmarking
Compare your performance across core metrics against other ins your category to get a true steer on performance
Reporting Summary
Pull all your core metrics into one view for simple reporting and forecasting
Platform Reports
Utilize Hawke AI's platform reports and the PPC investigator to identify the root of performance issues
Shared Reports
Build and send reports to key stakeholders via the in-app scheduler
Conversion Settings
Pick out your specific conversion events from platforms to measure against to ensure you're presenting the right data
Campaign Groups
Build blended data sets by combining campaigns across multiple platforms into a single line for analysis
Custom Metrics
In addition to pulling in metrics from each of the platforms, you're able to create custom metrics using formulas

*A client account is defined by each client view created within an account. Each client account can connect the following platforms at no additional cost: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Advertising and Slack.


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