Scenarios: Taking Action

Pushing changes in to your ad platforms

Monitoring, insights, and alerts can all provide good reason to make changes to your campaigns; sometimes those changes need to happen right away. In such moments, you can use HawkeAI's ability to push changes directly into your ad platforms.

Taking Action

Identify which campaigns need intervention

Use insights to help influence your edits

Pause, activate, or change budgets from the dashboard


Getting to grips with the overview

While most of HawkeAI’s functionality is designed to ensure you stay informed about your performance and gives you the opportunity to find deeper insight into your data – you can make changes in your ad platforms from the dashboard.

Sometimes a performance alerts needs immediate action. Sometimes making a quick implementation from an insight needs to be quick and efficient else it gets buried under a massive to-do list. In those instances you can use HawkeAI’s ability to push changes into ad platforms and make edits to your campaigns.

As it stands you are able to pause and activate campaigns as well as change budgets. This allows you to react quickly to performance or budget alerts by editing budgets to bring spend on track or outright pausing them if need be. Similarly, if you’re reviewing insights and discover that others in your category are racking up a lot more conversions this month, or that there is an opportunity to load budget into a high performing campaign to maximize results, you can – direct from the dashboard.



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